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How to Change Your Name in California

Each year, many people change their names in California. Name changes are quite simple and do not need the services of an attorney but the process is somewhat complex. With this in mind, filing a California name change is fairly simple and inexpensive if you use a legal document assistant with experience in name change [...]

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LDAs Open the Door to Affordable Legal Services

Legal document assistants (also known as LDAs) open the door to affordable legal services by providing low-cost self-help document preparation service to California residents. At A People’s Choice, for over 35 years, we have helped individuals, families, and businesses draft documents to get a divorce, settle child custody disputes and visitation, help with estate planning, [...]

Tips on Price Shopping For Legal Services

Price shopping for legal services is often frowned upon by attorneys. Most attorneys refuse to provide quotes for legal services when they believe a prospective client is price shopping. Most people don’t realize, however, that with the help of a legal document preparer they can get favorable legal results without spending thousands of dollars. Read [...]

How to Get an Apostille in California

You have been told you need to get an apostille in California. Like many others, you may not know what that is or what it means. The literal meaning of an apostille is certification. The word stems from the Hague Convention, a treaty between over 100 countries. This treaty allows documents issued in one country to [...]

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

People often are looking for inexpensive options to handle legal procedures and ask us "do I need to hire an attorney?" Hiring an attorney is a personal decision, however in many circumstances, the answer is  no.  Yes, there are complex legal issues that need the advice and experience of a seasoned licensed attorney. Likewise, there [...]

Legal Blog – Helping People Represent Themselves in Legal Matters

Welcome to our online legal blog! This blog is designed for people who: want to save money are not afraid of the legal system, and want to learn how to handle their legal matter without hiring an attorney. You will find our legal blog a great source of legal information and news. Several new articles [...]

How to Name Change in California – Adult and Child

There are two different methods a person can use to change their name in California – one is determined by usage (usage method)  - when a person has used a name different than their birth name over an extended period of time. The other method is request a legal name change through the courts. Often we hear from people who, for whatever reason, have [...]

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Looking For an Alternative to LegalZoom?

Most of the complaints about LegalZoom are about poor customer service, not being able to talk to someone, not receiving a return call or a reply to emails, bait and switch tactics, and added fees for this and that. The Importance of Customer Service A People’s Choice is all about customer service. When you contact our [...]

Best Source For California Legal Forms

The number of online legal forms sites are endless, some more recognized than others. All promote that they give you the tools to prepare your own legal documents. Some actually help prepare the legal documents for you; others merely offer customers a selection of blank forms to be purchased at the customer’s choosing. You can [...]

Publication of Name Change Not Required In Gender Related Proceedings

In the past, publication of name change was typically required in California when seeking a formal change of name. California law was recently changed making publication  no longer required when a person who lives in California seeks to have his or her name changed due to a change in their gender. In this particular instances,  it [...]

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