If you received a Notice of Entry of Judgment, this usually means that the court has approved and entered a Judgment in your case. If you and your spouse signed a Marital Settlement Agreement, the Judgment will have that agreement attached which has now become a court order. Take a look at the Notice of Entry of Judgment document carefully. On the form there will be a section with a box around it that pertains to the termination date of the marriage. Often in our cases, the Judgment is entered long before the termination date of the marriage. Once you have located the termination date of the marriage, this is the date that you will officially be considered “single”.  What does this mean? Although your divorce case may be completed in the court’s eyes, don’t get remarried until after the termination date as noted on this form!

Keep in mind, sometimes it is possible to split the divorce issues from the act of dissolving the marriage. This allows the parties to terminate their marriage without resolving all of the issues of the marriage. In that case, some aspects of the divorce may still be pending. Lastly, if the Judgment includes retirement division, the QDRO process is a separate process that continues after the Judgment has been entered.