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Understand and Compare the Differences Between Child Support and Family Support in California

When you compare California child support and family support, it is important to understand not only how they are calculated, but also what the different tax consequences are for each.

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Common Words Used in Estate Planning and What They Mean

Estate Planning can seem complicated if you do not understand common words used in estate planning and the terminology found in estate planning documents.

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How to File Probate in San Joaquin County Without a Lawyer

Do you need to file probate in San Joaquin County? Are you shocked to find out how expensive to file probate in San Joaquin County through a probate attorney? Don't despair as there is another low-cost option that might pleasantly surprise you. Probate involves the court supervised process of paying a deceased person’s debts and [...]

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How to File a California Probate in Contra Costa County Without a Probate Lawyer

Learn how to file probate in Contra Costa county without a lawyer. Discover how to access Contra Costa County probate notes, find a Contra Costa co. probate referee and more!

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Trust or Will – What Estate Planning Tool is Best for You?

Creating an estate plan with a trust or will will make sure your wishes are followed and your family is taken care of after your death. These estate planning tools can help protect your assets and limit your tax liabilities.

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A Father’s Rights in Custody – What California Courts Consider When Determining Father’s Rights

Lean how a California court views a father's rights in custody and visitation matters; what a father can do to protect their father's rights and what tactics are taken by mothers to affect a father's rights in custody.

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Attorney Fee Awards in Divorce and How California Courts Award Attorney Fees

During a divorce, one party may ask the court to request the other spouse to pay their attorney fees. An award of a spouse’s attorney fees may be an exorbitant amount of money. Attorney fee awards in divorce may be requested on a "need basis" or to penalize a party for sanctionable behavior. Below is [...]

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Adopting an Adult Stepchild in California – Understanding The Benefits, Steps, Forms and Process

Learn about adopting an adult stepchild in California and how to complete the adult adoption without hiring an attorney.

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Long Term vs Short Term Marriage in Divorce and What You Need to Know About the 10 Year Rule

Learn what issues are influenced by a long term vs short term marriage in divorce, particularly the impact on a California spousal support order.

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How to File Probate in Mono County Without an Attorney

Learn how to file probate in Mono county without a lawyer. Discover tips on how to find a mono probate referee, where to locate mono county local rules for probate cases and more!

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