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Cheap Online Legal Document Services – California

The costs of legal document services and hiring an attorney in California are often high enough to disqualify them as options for many people. Luckily, California has recognized the rising need to offer alternative solutions and have made great strides to expand self-help legal services. If you are looking for a low-cost, professional way to get legal document services in California, the easiest and most hassle-free help is using a registered legal document assistant.

Ventura County Divorce Self Help Service Provides Low Cost Divorce Assistance

If you want to save money completing your divorce, you are probably looking for divorce self-help center to help you. A quick “Google” search will usually direct you to your county's Court’s Self-Help Center or companies that offer self-help divorce and legal document preparation services for a fee. Self-help centers aren't the best option for everyone, often requiring substantial tenacity and patience and multiple trips to the courthouse, plus you have to prepare all the documents yourself, a daunting task for many people. Here is one woman's story how she easily completed her divorce.

Ventura County Divorce Service Offers Low-Cost, Non-Attorney Divorce Help

Going through a divorce is difficult. Divorce can be expensive...and stressful; and sometimes when you are going through a divorce, you just need someone to listen. This client found A People’s Choice a compassionate place to be. She was able to complete her divorce in a quick and efficient manner, with very little stress and strain. Here is her story...

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Why File for Legal Separation in California?

Often people are confused about the differences between a legal separation as compared to a divorce and, what the advantages and disadvantages of both are. So why file for legal separation in California? This article reviews several different reasons why couples choose to file for a legal separation and not a divorce.

File Bankruptcy Fast with Ventura Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

Just how fast can bankruptcy documents be prepared and filed? Pretty Fast! Unfortunately, A People’s Choice no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services. However, by hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer, you can face emergency financial situations with ease.

Requirements for Annulment in California

This short video provides a general overview of the requirements for filing an annulment in California and the statutory reasons a person can use to get a California annulment Judgment. There are basically two premises a California court will grant an annulment of a marriage. The first is that the marriage is not a valid or legal marriage. The second is that the marriage can be "determined" to be invalid.

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Using Ventura Probate Service Rather Than Attorney Saved Beneficiaries Thousands of Dollars!

California statutory attorneys fees for an attorney to handle and probate an estate can be excessive and unreasonable. More and more, people search for an alternative way to complete their probate case. This client shares her story of how A People's Choice, an experienced, non-attorney probate service, saved the beneficiaries and the estate thousands of dollars.

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Prepare Living Trust Without Attorney Using Legal Document Assistant Service

As we get older, we tend to spend more time thinking about our estate plans, what we leave to our children, and our legacy. However, oftentimes the cost of preparing estate plan paperwork with an attorney pushes this item to the back burner. Looking to prepare a living trust for a fraction of the cost? Here is the story of how one woman did just that - and saved $500!

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Get Legal Documents and Save MONEY!

Welcome to our online legal blog! We designed this blog and our entire website for people who want to save money, are not afraid of the legal system and want to learn how to handle their legal matter without hiring an attorney. You will find our blog an excellent resource for legal information and news. We post several new articles each week covering different legal topics of interest. Subscribe to our blog to keep up on various legal issues or expand your legal knowledge, and receive notification of new articles.

Revocable Living Trust Prepared by Ventura Legal Document Service Saved Consumer Money

It’s never too late to plan your estate with a revocable living trust, even when you are 91 years of age! So often people put off proper estate planning because it has previously been an expensive task only provided by attorneys. Nowadays, people are discovering that they can get the same estate planning documents prepared by a Legal Document Assistant at a fraction of the cost an attorney would charge.

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