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The Difference Between Annulment and Divorce: What You Need to Know

The short 20-minute video will provide an overview of the difference between divorce legal separation and annulment in California. We discuss the legal basis needed to file an annulment in California, why some people choose to file a California legal separation proceeding and provide an in-depth discussion of the California divorce process for an uncontested divorce with a marital settlement agreement.

California Probate Timeline (a Video)

California probate can be broken down into separate phases, 1) preparing the initial petition and attending the hearing; 2) handling debts; 3) itemizing property and 4) distributing assets. This video explains the California probate timeline.

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A People’s Choice’s Ventura County Legal Document Services Can Help You Save Money!

Unfortunately, some clients discover our services only after spending countless hours in court and unnecessary funds on attorneys fees. Therefore, we always recommend extensively researching your options for legal assistance BEFORE hiring a lawyer. In fact, many routine legal matters can be handled on your own with some help from a legal document assistant! We can help you complete and file required paperwork for matters in which you're representing yourself with the California court system. Call today for more information!

An Inexpensive, Simple Alternative to Ventura’s County Self Help Center

Have you ever arrived at the Ventura County Self Help Center only to discover 100 people in line ahead of you? To make matters worse, most people who use the Self Help Center have already taken the day off from work! Luckily, there is an inexpensive alternative to using this government service. A People's Choice offers low-cost, flat-fee legal document preparation services to simplify your legal proceeding and AVOID the hassle of the Self Help Center.

File for Bankruptcy in California for Cheap With a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheap California bankruptcy attorney. In fact, attorney fees for even the simplest bankruptcy typically start at $750! Luckily, filing bankruptcy is a very easy process that almost never requires legal advice. Therefore, by hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer to help with your paperwork, you can save hundreds of dollars! However, note that A People's Choice no longer offers bankruptcy services.

Why File for Legal Separation in California?

Often people are confused about the differences between a legal separation as compared to a divorce and, what the advantages and disadvantages of both are. So why file for legal separation in California? This article reviews several different reasons why couples choose to file for a legal separation and not a divorce.

Prepare Living Trust Without Attorney Using Legal Document Assistant Service

As we get older, we tend to spend more time thinking about our estate plans, what we leave to our children, and our legacy. However, oftentimes the cost of preparing estate plan paperwork with an attorney pushes this item to the back burner. Looking to prepare a living trust for a fraction of the cost? Here is the story of how one woman did just that - and saved $500!

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When You Need a Pour-Over Will

Most people create a revocable living trust to avoid probate. A pour-over will is also executed to allow any unknown assets outside the trust to pass through the pour-over will into the trust upon the testator's death. Trust property is then distributed to trust beneficiaries. Contact A People’s Choice for more information on how to prepare a pour-over will.

Ventura Attorney Uses Legal Document Assistant for Routine Legal Documents

Attorneys have also recently discovered the value of legal document assistants for simple matters. Some attorneys have established a referral relationship with their local legal document assistant as an option for people who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Consumers, and even an attorney, can save thousands of dollars by using a legal document assistant for simple matters. Here is his story…

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A People’s Choice
is a registered Legal Document Assistant service. We are dedicated to providing low-cost, self-help legal document preparation services for California consumers. Read more…

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